Contextual Advertising

Contextual Advertising, also called content advertising, are targeted advertising where texts, images, and videos used for advertising appear in designated areas on web pages of your publisher partners’ sites based on the content of their pages.

It offers an opportunity for advertisers to link with other marketing websites. You will be able to earn profit in this internet marketing strategy because your partner sites will pay for you texts, display ads, and videos.

This is a win-win strategy because you will earn high ROI and at the same time you can promote your product to other websites. It was also proven by internet marketers that contextual advertising can help online advertisers to obtain sales, generate leads, and low the company’s cost per acquisition.

The ad networks use information extraction to detect which websites that have signed up as networking publishing partners that the contents are related with the texts, display ads, and videos. In addition, the ad networks determine what particular page is all about then map the most contextually relevant ads within the network database.

In placement targeting, it allows advertisers to place their ads on specific pages or web site categories. The texts, display ads, and video ads are usually sold in Cost per Click (CPC) and Cost per Thousand Impressions. Contextual advertisers allow publishers to disregard websites that they do not want their ads to be displayed.

The role of contextual advertising to social media marketing is that it offers a full service keyword-based contextual advertising management based on the Google Content Network.

Contextual advertising includes campaign strategy development to boost traffic in the publishers’ websites and to make web sites popular. The texts, display, and video ads are parts of social media marketing, these can attain expansions to reach more globally competitive websites. Truly, this internet marketing strategy becomes one of the best strategies that will take online businesses to the next level.

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